Give yourself a little more time ...

Give yourself a little more time .. Before you feel that you've hit the bottom and there's nothing left..

Before you start comparing yourself and your life's accomplishments to what Jenny from the block and Tyrone post of their lavish vacations and fancy shoes... give yourself a little more time..

Our lives have been so easily consumed and involved with social media and what we see of others, we forget to acknowledge our own accomplishments.

We feel that we are expected to have the newest car, nicest clothes, biggest house, and newest technologies right now... but why?

Stop letting someone else's timeline dictate your own.

First decide why those things are even important to you.. Decide why those things are a symbol of "momma we made it".

Do the new Louis Vuittons make you a good person?

Give yourself a little more time .. Embrace these building years and the blessings that are to come. Take these years and stack them as the building blocks for your future.

I wish I would have saved money I've spent on the newest things and invested it where it matters, but it's easy to get caught up trying to have be trendy with the newest pictures on Instagram.

We don't know everyone's background and the trials and tribulations that led/helped them get to where they are.. We forget we have different circumstances and different trials and tribulations that make us who we are.. Feel pride in the accomplishments you do make and be proud of where you are..

And next time you start comparing yourself to the newest Instagram post.. Give yourself a little more time .

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