Manifesting what you deserve ..

Manifest your life...

Waiting for what you deserve..

Manifest the house, the man/woman, the job, whatever it is you want out of this life manifest it.

Waiting for what you deserve can be one of the most challenging lessons to learn in this life.. Trusting yourself and trusting in God can feel trying at times..

You question your decisions .. But, what if ? If I don't, then I'll never know..

What if God said no? What if you stood up for yourself and said no?

I am a firm believe God redirects us when we are not on the path meant for us.. We may not see it right away, it may feel like he's doing everything in his power to make our lives harder.. we have to learn to trust God even if we can't trace him..

We as people have to learn to recognize warning signs even if we question them. Our feelings are intuition, our bodies communicate with us whether we are listening or making excuses for the energy our body feels.

WE make excuses for things we want to feel right.. wanting things so badly we are willing to compromise our mental health and mental safety for.. Learn to wait..

Build the home you want, get that job you've been working so hard for, forget that person playing with your emotions and not giving you what you DESERVE. Quit begging people for the bare minimum.

If your friends and family offer you negative advice hear it, store it, keep moving .. This is YOUR life... Wait for what you deserve.

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