Mental health is not a weakness

Why is it that mental health is deemed a weakness these days? I'm here to testify that taking care of your mental health will pave the way for the foundation of the rest of your life.. Reaching for help and investing into your well being is not a weakness.. When you feel your best you are able to give and perform your best.. if you don't feel your best you're only cheating yourself. If you know someone who feels differently go on and leave them alone with their narrow mind and continue to grow on your own.

Going through things alone can be extremely damaging, we easily forget that people do not know what we are going through if we continue to keep silent.. We all have our own trials and tribulations but it's what we do with them that makes the difference. Our energy is drained, our mental health is strained, and we begin to self destruct.. Recognizing the signs and symptoms and asking for help makes you stronger than anyone who says differently.

You are not alone! Pray on it, ask for help, talk to a friend, write it down, listen to a sermon, whatever it is remember that you are not alone!

The truth is, often times we are much harder on ourselves than others are on us.

Depression is not a weakness, Anxiety is not a weakness, PTSD is not a weakness, Over thinking well, although it feels like a weakness, is not. You are forced to fight a battle everyday, and you continue to fight daily. . . you are tired, but strong!

We can all point out the people who carry around the negative energy and project it onto others because of their unhealed emotions and those are the same people who call getting help a weakness!

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