Since when did it become so easy to be mean?

Hate is strong, Hate is crippling, and Hate hurts.

When did it become so easy and socially acceptable to be mean?

The other day while at the bar with a group of girl friends a girl bumped into my friend and shouted "excuse you fat ass!".

I couldn't believe how easy and fluently those words came out of her mouth as she laughed with her friends and flicked her hair, especially being a fellow woman..

As women we should be empowering, encouraging, and uplifting each other.

This girl has no idea what battles she faces, the hateful words she says to herself daily in the mirror, the depression she's fought for years that may have even led to her overeating from emotion or lack of motivation. No idea of the silent battles she faces. She was out enjoying her time forgetting the stress of the world and the trials and tribulations she faces daily just to be faced with a hateful comment from you..

What if she likes her weight? What if she's confident and happy?

Is it a reflection of the negative emotions inside your head that you felt comfortable enough to hurt someone else ? I think so.

We are programmed to be hard on ourselves and in the space we spend the most time (our minds) we tend to fill them with hateful criticism of ourselves.

I encourage you when you're out and have something negative or hateful to say to/about someone else, don't. Keep it to yourself because I can assure you they've already said that and more to themselves today.

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