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Have you ever caught yourself alone and questioned what your “why” is?  I am sure you’re wondering what I mean by this and why it is even relevant in beginning a business plan. Well, every action is said to have intention. Some kind of drive or motivation behind why you react/act the way you do. Studies show when a person thinks they look their best they feel their best and essentially perform their best. Mental Physiquez is designed to start from the inside out. First mental health is assessed, then we begin diving into nutrition and fitness coaching, after this options for esthetician services are provided to ensure a client has every option available to them on site to look and feel their best. The goal consumer is EVERYONE. 

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            Offers for detailed nutrition plans and detailed workout plans created and modified weekly by their coach. Weekly check-ins will be expected for observation of progress/regression. Clients will have 24/7 accessibility with their coach and be given access to an app where all this is located at no charge. Facetime, Skype, google duo, and in person training sessions will also be available upon request. 

             Mental health services available. For access to licensed therapists/counselors geared to handle all forms of therapy. Most insurances as well as self pay accepted. Telehealth and online services available. 

            Certified estheticians available for services to help you feel like the best version of YOU ! 


                                   Personal testimony and experiences under BLOG.